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Ibogaine Treatment - An Overview

Ibogaine treatment's principle use is its facilitation of a painless detox period for drug addicts.  The drug has also been recognized for its removal of the effects of conditioning in addicts and its promotion of long-term drug abstinence.

While ibogaine treatment may represent a major medical breakthrough, there is an inherent level of risk with ibogaine treatment.  Ingesting too much of the substance, being excessively thin, or suffering from liver or heart problems are dangers associated with this type of treatment.  Subjects have reported experiencing muscle tremors, spasms, and feelings of internal energy shifts.

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When deciding whether or not to take ibogaine treatment, individuals should be wary of listening to the advice of just one individual.  Due to ibogaine's potentially life-changing effects, individuals who have had extremely positive experiences may allow their enthusiasm to override the safety concerns.  Likewise, potential ibogaine users should not let one of their peers' negative experiences stop them from seeing for themselves what ibogaine has to offer.

Any treatment provided by an experienced and knowledgeable ibogaine therapist will include a medical and psychiatric review for the patient's safety.

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  1. Generally good health
  2. No past psychotic breaks
  3. No heart problems
  4. No serious liver problems

How long is treatment session?

The effect of ibogaine last between 15 and 36 hours, depending on the dose and the individual metabolism. A longtime addict should allow her-/himself a convalescent period of one to three days after the 2 days dedicated to ibogaine. Methadone users should allow themselves at least a week.

Does it hurt?

Depending on the duration of the addiction and the substance of abuse there can be some withdrawal signs, ranging from 0 to 15% of what the person would have to suffer without medication. These pains can be well managed with adequate analgesics.

Former addicts may experience some insomnia after the treatment for up to 3 weeks, which is responsive to sleeping medication.

What will I experience?

This depends, to some extent, on the purpose for which the ibogaine is being ingested. A long-term heroin addict will not necessarily have the same experience as a patient wanting a resolution to chronic depression, post-traumatic-stress-syndrome or anxiety. Nevertheless, all will find that their treatment involves both physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.

  • 40 minutes after ingestion a buzzing in the ears heralds dreamlike visions, dancing lights, flashes of images, symbolic or actual representations of current subconscious themes.
  • Some 2 to 4 hours later "the waken dreams" will slowly fade away giving room to what is often described as resetting the biochemistry of the brain, i.e. an integration of the first phase.
  • 20 to 36 hours after ingestion the last signs of dizziness, ataxia, inability to sleep will disappear and the patient is fully functional again.


If desired we can connect patients with professionals in Europe and the US, who are experienced to consolidate a drug free life after an ibogaine-detox.

Ibogaine Treatment Facilities

We may conduct treatments at one of our facilities located in either Europe or Mexico.
Click here for details regarding those centers.


We do not use an extract, root-bark or other mixtures of substances, but ibogaine-hydrochloride of the best quality. During the treatment it might be necessary or helpful to resort to other medications, chiropractic or acupuncture. To restore the patient to good health we also often use supplements after the treatment.

Number of Treatments

Most often once is enough. However a certain percentage of persons greatly benefit from a second session.


The classification of ibogaine as an experimental drug does not allow any insurance company in Europe (or the States) to cover the costs involved.


Ibgoaine breaks down in the liver into a substance called Nor-ibogaine. Nor-ibogaine continues to be active on the opiate receptors for several weeks to several months after a single dose. Clinical research has shown that Nor-ibogaine reduces drug cravings, creating a window of time to learn the skills necessary to remain clean from drugs.



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"I came here for the treatment looking for answers in my past.  I see now that the answers are in my future.  Ibogaine was like a key that opened my mind."
-P.C., Ibogaine patient

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