A Healing Tool

My name is P.Q. and this is a record of my Iboga experience taken from my notes. I contacted Eric about a month after I received the articles he kindly sent about other people’s accounts of using Iboga.

I very much wanted to use it as a cleansing medicine. Bob M., a person who had been working with me on cleansing the muscles through massage and other therapies, had said that my whole body was tight and holding energies throughout it. This I know. I had had several traumatic experiences and felt like I had a psychic abscess on the inside. The conversations that Bob and I had were of doing Iboga as a way of releasing this abscess. Bob had reservations about using this powerful of an herb; that it might trigger a premature Kundalini awakening.

I took it into consideration, trusted the Powers that Be and began to prepare for the healing I hoped the Iboga would do. I cleansed my house using sage and salt, and stated my intentions in the morning. That done, I took a shower using sea salt every morning for about six weeks, asking the universe for a cleansing of all the fear, anger, hate, jealousy, rage, pain, and all the other negative emotions. In the evening in bed I would ask all the guides to assist me in this cleansing and healing work. Bob continued to do body therapy on me until I left.

At the appointed time I met Eric and we began the adventure. Before taking Iboga I took a hot bath with sea salt and Epsom salts, just to relax and state my intentions. I dressed in a warm T-shirt and took the Iboga and got into bed . It acted quickly. It wasn’t pleasant. The emotions I wanted to cleanse are very powerful ones and they put forth very powerful images that were hard to look at. They weren’t personal images from my life. They were more archetypal images. I asked the spirit of the Iboga to cleanse me of all these emotions and I stated them. Then a gnome -like creature appeared and the cleansing began. I saw them being sucked out of my body and up a tube. Then they came out like sparkling, rainbow-like confetti . It was funny. The cleansing continued and I felt lighter. The tightness in my chest disappeared. Then I got very sick. The next day I was fine. Ready to go on. But I wasn’t sure that the body had really experienced anything.

After I got home to Hawaii I scheduled a visit to Bob. He was amazed at the difference. The lymphatic system had been cleansed, the bumps in my breasts were gone and my muscles weren’t tight. The memories of trauma had been removed. I was taken aback by what he reported. There had been a real, definable, physical change. It was measurable. I was very impressed. I believe – no, I know – it is a very powerful tool in healing the inner self . I would like to use the Iboga plant 2 or 3 more times to continue this type of physical cleansing. I very much want to be a healer. In order to do this type of work I would like to be very clear. I feel that clearing out the traumas and personal dilemmas life throws at you is very important before doing work in healing.

Thank You