A Facilitator’s Perspective

A couple of years ago, I chose to experience I. to clean out my emotional closet and quench the fires of a middle-age burnout. I am so glad I learned of this incredible plant ally, Tabernanthe iboga.

I had been a physician using natural medicines for nearly twenty years, but compared to the inner wisdom and healing that are accessed within this visionary experience, the typical forms of medicine- even the more holistic and naturally oriented branches were just too limited for the complexities and emotional conflicts in many people’s minds.

Compared to the Higher Self and the plant Spirit, Bwiti, even great physicians are farther from the Source. Bwiti has been described as the spiritual hostess of the iboga plant. She is an intense, benevolent teacher and guide to one’s inner world.

I now facilitate this journey for others. I include symptom management using natural medicines before, during, and after these sessions. My goal is to ease any discomforts that might restrain or distract from the effect of this medicine on your inner world.

The amount of uncomfortable physical symptoms one will face seems to be proportional to the needs for physical repair that exist within you. The more damaged you might have been before I., the more challenging the sensations of repair might become.

Using herbs, homeopathics and nutriceuticals along with plant medicine, my role is to help you prepare for, experience, and reintegrate this profound personal journey. Natural medicines permit a far less clouded awareness than drugs, and it is within that awareness that you are able to do your best work. Having experienced firsthand the profound benefits of this medicine, I feel privileged to complement its transformative effects in this way.

Physicians are well aware of their limitations in complex cases of motivational dysfunction and addiction. My passion is to bring an awareness of this incredible plant medicine into this world that so desperately needs its healing effects upon the human spirit.

If you are considering the use of this powerful tool in your life, I assure you that you should probably do it. This sentient ally, an entheogen, or plant medicine used to access the world of Spirit, is a powerful friend of your life energy. I wish I had been aware of it and was able to use it during key transitions in my early adulthood.

The historical and social context of this medicine deserves some mention here. Clearly, there are powerful interests which have profited from all kinds of addictions and the poverty and powerlessness they have caused over many centuries. Even the legal addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and sugar have enriched the few while devastating the health and life quality of this world and its people. These ruthless beneficiaries of the current status quo are not friends of the human spirit. Effective answers to human addictions have been suppressed by these profiteers for millennia. Alternatives to this situation are emerging now, as with Ibogaine, often from indigenous native cultures.

The “Land of the Free” has classified this medicine as being a dangerous and addictive poison, despite what it will treat. We are unable to transport or use it, therefore, in any jurisdiction where United States Federal Administrative Laws apply. Please obey all the laws you are subject to, and study those laws and definitions to know their specific limits on you. This level of security, discretion, and privacy is more of a burden for you than we would like. But, until our legal climate becomes more enlightened, we are fortunate to even be able to learn about and access this medicine at all.

The Spirit World and your mind’s eye have their own relationships to time and space. The Ibogaine visions and vignettes are as unlimited by space and time as are your dreams. An intense involvement in these waking dreams, combined with your conscious influence upon their content, will become disorienting and even feel chaotic, especially in the first eight hours. This turbulent dreamscape exhausts your ego as its every effort to control and judge these image-lessons slips through its grasp. Like a jet landing on the beach, the ego limits you have placed around your learned personality are ground down, sanded, and polished by this collision. For the personality structure, this is at once both painful and pleasurable. Depending on how you interpret the experience to yourself, you can find this terrifying, funny, sad, wondrous, angry and inspiring, all within about ten seconds as this “ego refinement” is going on.

People share reports that after the I. experience, self-destructive behaviors hold far less interest. One has just spent the subjective equivalent of many days or weeks in every type of self-destruction and creation, every criminal and victimization experience, and every kindness and charity that their unrestrained imagination could conceive. Real world self-destruction becomes much more boring and painful, so it loses novelty and fascination. Addiction and habituation to even limiting thought-forms and responses are “sanded down” by this repair/destruction of the ego.

The proof of this is that after your intense 24-36 hours of “travel,” as your thoughts slow down and you return to this “real-world” consciousness, you feel rested and strong rather than depleted and wrung out. Most of us know the recreational drug highs that follow with a feeling of exhaustion and stress— the “payback.” In contrast, the I. leaves you in a state of restful alertness and mental peace. Your minds and body tell you that they were enhanced, not depleted.

If you decide to pursue this incredible experience, seek other accounts of it beyond this one. Consider this experience for yourself or any loved one who has been broken down by stress or addiction. Those of you already healthy, but in pursuit of greater personal awareness and higher levels of healthy function will also benefit by what the I. will help you do.

How much will this experience cost? How uncomfortable or dangerous will this be? These are important questions for you to have answered. Contact us and we will interview each other to bring you our version of these answers. In any case, we extend our best wishes for optimal choices on your journey through life.

Dr. Tom Paine