The Following Ibogaine Testimonials

Were recorded by Lex Kogan

at our World Renowned

‘I Begin Again’ Treatment Centers.


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psychological insights from Ibogaine

benefits of ibogaine explained in detail

Psycho-Spiritual Insights from Ibogaine

Internal Aspects of Opiate Detox

Ibogaine treatment testimonial

post-Ibogaine clarity

Ibogaine treatment testimonial

liberation from opiate addiction

Keisha's Ibogaine treatment experience

Therapeutic Aspects of Ibogaine

Low Wave Dosing

Dynamic Results with Ibogaine

Ibogaine Treatment Perspectives

Ibogaine Discoveries

Ibogaine Salvation

Success after Suboxone

Ibogaine Following an Ayahuasca Journey

Ibogaine Elevation

Psycho-Spiritual Introspection

swift elimination of opiate addictions

Leaving a 3-year Addiction to Oxycontin

Ibogaine Introspection

Liberation Post Ibogaine Treatment

Clear & Honest Description of Ibogaine

Free from a 4-year Methadone Addiction

Description of an Ibogaine Experience

Ibogaine for psycho-therapeutic insight

Ibogaine for military PTSD

Iboga Revelations

Ibogaine Awareness

Ibogaine Happiness

Low Wave Dosing Ibogaine Therapy

Animated DreamStates

Ibogaine - Opiate - Therapy Success

Born Again after Ibogaine Therapy

Ibogaine Freedom

Opiate-Free Explorations

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