Ibogaine, Depression and anxiety.

Most people have experienced low level moods throughout their lives.  These subtle touches of being “down and out” are a commonplace reality that most of us experience from time to time.

Most people have suffered from various types of unnecessary fears or worries, stressing their bodies and minds to a weakened state that perpetuates itself to maintain itself becoming cyclical over time.

Ibogaine treatment for depression and anxiety can help people live an emotionally healthier life.

People deal with day to day doses of depression and anxiety on various levels – some handle these doses of emotions much better than others.

Similar traits can be found amongst people that handle anxiety and depression well.

One core aspect that delivers significant benefit to all who utilize  it is very basic, its activity.

The level of activity could be something as simple as walking a little every day.   All over the world no matter what the demographic is, the fact persists; people that have a slight resistance to mobility are
much more prone to falling victim to depression and anxiety.


While anxiety stems from restlessness and the inability to relax,  depression in itself is usually felt as a very low level emotion.
Although the feeling of depression is commonly taken as being a low level of emotion there is clearly a definitive feeling to it unlike in cases of anhedonia where a low emotional state is the total result of a severe lack of feeling or sense of emotion in itself.

When it comes to Ibogaine, Depression and Anxiety, the most ACTIVE approach is the Therapeutic one.   

Regardless of whether someone has already experienced ibogaine or if they are approaching a treatment in the near future, when one is dealing with depression or anxiety, movement becomes the medicine.

Being physically mobile is simply an intrinsic part of our humanness.    Modern times have rendered the masses to live in states of immobility – a sedentary lifestyle – nowadays more than ever before.

Mobility and activity are two of the classic ways outside of drugs or conscious modulation that we use to alter our mood states on a regular basis.  

Our state of being is what primarily affects our thoughts and feelings and mood is responsible for modulating our behavior and rules our sense of wellbeing.

Anxiety can stem from these low moods and bouts of immobility.  These bouts of depression commonly cause feelings anxiousness, helplessness, and hopelessness.

Ibogaine treatment offers a way out of that low level of despair in that ibogaine treatment revamps our brains ability to produce beta-endorphin, the neurotransmitter that activity releases as well. Not only does the ibogaine treated brain, deliver higher output of beta-endorphin, it leaves a person with a psychological motivation towards physical movement.


This is one of the reasons as to why ibogaine works so well in treating other areas like addiction interruption, chronic fatigue syndrome and various eating disorders.
Ibogaine treatment offers people more than just a valid way out from the throws of addiction.   Just as minute behavior patterns can trigger hard core drug abuse and escapism, the ibogaine induced introspective dream state can beneficially trigger rapid recoveries from deeply rooted psychological “ideas” that propagate emotional weakness and feed into negative paradigms.

Two of the most detrimental emotional states happen to be two of the most commonly misunderstood
psychological conditions in the world today these two weakened states of being are depression and anxiety.

Modern psychology has disgraced itself in the way it has gone about trying to treat depression and anxiety.

The popular methods have emphasized the psychological when they should be emphasizing the physical.

The error of the psychological methods that is common today is that in which the methodology emphasizes psychological importance as to “why” conditions such depression or anxiety develop over time as opposed to focusing on “how” to treat the anxiety or the depression.  

Benefits could be obtained just as easily if modern psychology focused on “what” to “do” about it – instead, modern psychology fails us completely in that it never graduates past the “ why” the “why” is continually emphasized to no end – and just as much as defending the meaninglessness in uncovering a condition’s base origin, – speculation leads not to the cure.

When it comes to depression and anxiety, ibogaine treatment becomes a valuable catalyst that shows the body “how” to achieve balance and equilibrium once and for all through the advanced release of beta endorphin, organized movement and thought.

Lex Kogan is an American author and medicinal veteran working directly with ibogaine since the year 2000.