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WE ARE THE FIRST Treatment Center to offer Psycho-Spiritual Ibogaine sessions and Opiate Detox Therapy.

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Our Ibogaine Treatment Center offers:

  • Full Clinic Medical Supervision
  • Supportive, Relaxing Setting for Opiate Drug Detox
  • Psycho-Spiritual Introspection Therapy


In recent times, ibogaine has gained public attention that suboxone, subutex and methadone maintenance have competed for in the past.

Ibogaine and its principle metabolite occupy areas of the brain that can reset the results of longterm opiate addiction.

Our Costa Rica ibogaine therapy center facilitates opiate addiction interruption treatments in one of the most beautiful locations in the world

We spent the last 20 years refining our services to offer the most effective ibogaine treatment experience at the most affordable price.

Ibogaine clinics and treatment centers around the globe usually specialize in either a medically supervised environment or a retreat-like atmosphere in which to offer Ibogaine treatment services.

I Begin Again treatment center has been recognized as THE FIRST clinic to offer both full medical supervision and a supportive and relaxing setting for opiate drug detox as well as psycho-spiritual introspection.

We are the original treatment facility to incorporate medically supervised Ibogaine therapy in Central America.

An Experienced team of registered nurses and Doctors understand that a clinical environment is not ideal for self-discovery.  Our Ibogaine treatment center blends luxury accommodations within a resonant ambient atmosphere, all the while respecting the highest clinical safeguards for our clients.

Our Ibogaine treatment center offers luxury accommodations within an ambient atmosphere.

Our ibogaine treatment center provides a tranquil and relaxed environment coupled with advanced medical monitoring, assuring the highest level of comfort and safety for each individual undergoing ibogaine treatment.

Our advanced Ibogaine therapy treatment may free you from the cycle of opiate addiction.

  • Heroin Addiction
  • Oxycontin Addiction
  • Methadone Addiction / Replacement Therapy
  • Suboxone Addiction / Replacement Therapy
  • Alcohol Addiction / Cocaine Addiction

Ibogaine is also a powerful psycho-spiritual catalyst...

Ibogaine Frequently Invokes Informative, Healing Visions

Some Experience Ibogaine Therapy for Treatment of Opiate Abuse, Others Seek Emotional Growth

For Those Suffering from an Opiate Addiction, both can be accomplished at Once.


The average costs of ibogaine treatment at a medical facility ranges widely depending on the level of rehab services as well as any additional luxuries that may raise the price beyond the central cost for undergoing ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction.

Ibogaine treatment prices can vary from clinic to clinic as much as the quality of ibogaine can differ in alkaloid content from batch to batch if not held to industry standards. 

Seeking Ibogaine Treatment for Personal Growth?  

Emotional wounds are often at the heart of opiate addiction and drug abuse problems.

This healing is vital to true recovery.



The cost of ibogaine treatment depends on three central factors:

  •  Quality of the setting and geographical location of an ibogaine treatment center
  •  Number of staff an ibogaine center employs throughout a clint’s recovery time
  •  The time that a client commits to staying at a quality ibogaine treatment center.

Ibogaine treatment resets the opiate user’s brain to a pre-addicted state.

Thanks to time-tested detox methodologies as well as our focus and attention to safety and comfort throughout addiction recovery, our ibogaine treatment impressively delivers a 70% longterm (18 months and beyond) success rate to satisfied clients who’d once struggled with the nightmare of opiate addiction.

Ibogaine research captures the eye of science and medicine as well as it receives even greater attention from mainstream media which document ibogaine’s anti addictive effects in regards to heroin, methadone and oxycontin.

Our ibogaine methods have been adopted by various ibogaine clinics due to the level of attention that we place on a patient’s cardiac response in relation to ibogaine doses during opiate detox.

  • Lex Kogan’s ‘Low Wave Dosing’ ibogaine treatment method has caught the attention of media outlets in the United States and Europe.
  • Lex Kogan’s ibogaine treatment centers have been documented by American and European film makers.


Anyone who wishes to move away from opiate addiction may consider ibogaine therapy as a viable treatment when seeking freedom or change.



Are you battling with heroin addiction?    

Using suboxone or methadone as a replacement therapy?


When it come to opiate addiction, maintenance programs can make matters worse.

Begin your Ibogaine Journey at ‘I Begin Again’ and Make a Move Towards Freedom Now!


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